Coffee in whole beans

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The best varieties of Arabica coffee beans make this exclusive blend perfectly balanced: indeed it has been named “Il caffè del centenario”, that means “The coffee of the centenary”


This blend suits a coffee shop perfectly: the taste is intense, persistent and has an extraordinary aroma, really for those who aim for the typical Italian espresso.


Cremacaffè is the coffee for the coffee shop, creamy and intense in the taste.
It has however a sweet touch and unique, original tones.

caffè in grani bar do sul
Do Sul Bar

This blend, that is perfectly suitable for a coffee shop, brings together the finest qualities of Arabica coffee from the central countries in Brazil and the best Robusta varieties from southern India and Central Africa.

Caffè Elite

Caffè Elite is the classical blend for a coffee shop that is able to offer the taste of the Saccaria’s experience in espresso.

caffe in grani deca per bar caffeblu

This is a blend of decaffeinated coffee, made with the finest Arabica varieties from Central America and the best Robusta qualities from India. Very low caffeine content and great taste.