Saccaria Caffè’s story is made of passion, experience, and unique taste. The company was born in 1882, in Senigallia, from a sharp market intuition of one of the ancestors of the families Calef and Terni: a real connoisseur, in fact, he was the first in the Italian region Marche to introduce coffee, the intriguing product, cultivated faraway in the tropical countries. The business grows at brilliant rhythms, thanks to solid knowledge about how to approach the market and its challenges: in 1962 the roasting site in Marina di Montemarciano is inaugurated: this roasting plant is still in use. Led by the fourth generation, Saccaria Caffè is today a milestone for lovers of the espresso made in Italy.


The superior quality of the imported coffee and the innovation in the production line, ranging form the special electronic selecting machine to modern roasting techniques are key factors for Saccaria’s success, that has been lasting for more than 140 years. The brand has shown its vocation towards international development throughout the past years, believing and investing in the participation at the main fairs and exhibitions of this sector, in order to make steps further towards the worldwide diffusion of the real culture of coffee.


At Saccaria nothing is left to chance. Our group of specialized experts follows constantly the production chain, that begins from the bean, that is picked from the plant and goes to the cup of coffee at home or at the coffee shop. Our experts select and buy the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta, that grow between the two Tropics, really to guarantee the best and finest blends and of course an excellent result in the cup.



The roasting process can be seen really as an art: it requires huge experience. Saccaria processes coffee meticulously, paying particular attention at the roasting cycle: precise timing and perfect temperature are combined to bring out the peculiarities of every blend. At Saccaria Caffè this process is the result of constant research and the use of ever more innovative and efficient technologies.



In order to ensure a product that stands out in terms of high quality, and unique and constant taste, Saccaria adds to its technological capacities, tradition and human talent, that has been acquired in more than 140 years of experience.